How it works

Auto Recyclers Network in Australia is a marketplace for all auto recyclers to sell their auto parts online.

You can have your own online shop on Auto Recyclers Network in a few simple steps.

1- Register as a seller


click on Seller Register on top of the home page


follow the steps and fill in the seller registration form


Choose a store name, we recommend your store name should be similar to your business name.

Please read the terms and conditions of the site, then tick the box and click on Register button.



You should receive an email. Check your inbox and spams as the email might get there, click on the link and choose your own password. If you have not received the password, then you can simply request a new password. The new  password should be emailed within a few minutes and you can change it any time on your account page.



2- Store Setting

After you completed the registration, you need to do a few more steps before you can list your product online.



By now you should have access to your Seller Dashboard.

Please fill in all the boxes, this will give more information about your business to your potential customers.

You can also upload your business banner and profile picture, address, telephone, email, and pin point of your address on google map.



The information provided will help your customers the have more means of contacting you.

You can set your store terms and conditions and make it visible to visitors.  We strongly recommend that your terms and conditions should not contradict to terms and conditions.




3- Payment Setting

All the payments are processed by Stripe.  Stripe is a payment gateway solution with a great security features.  Stripe is acting like every other card payment system you have used to pay at petrol station or a restaurant.  Once you made a purchase or sold an item, you have no worries as the banks will take care of the rest.  Our fees will be automatically deducted before your sell payment reaches your bank account directly and here is how you can set up the payment setting.



To connect your bank account to Stripe, go to Seller Dashboard, then to setting and choose the Payment option, then click on blue button Connect with Stripe.

Once you have clicked on the Connect with Stripe button it will take you to Stripe site and you have to fill in all the boxes with accurate information.


Please make sure all the information provided is correct. Incorrect details will cause the payment not reaching your bank account.

You will be asked to enter your business website.



You should use your store URL.  Please follow the steps below.

Open a new tab and go to your Seller Dashboard.



On the side bar at the bottom left corner click on Visit Store button, the URL is on the address bar as it is highlighted yellow on the picture below. Copy the address and paste it on Stripe’s business website box.



4- Shipping

To set up your Shipping charges go to Seller Dashboard,  settings, then Shipping option.



For each state and territories you can add your own postage charges.  Select any State and click on Add Shipping Method.


You can choose three options, flat rate, local pickup, free shipping.



You can set multiple shipping option like flat rate and local pickup. To set shipping charges, choose flat rate option then click Edit.



You can set your shipping cost according to different weights and states.



Please read the guidance under each box, it will help you to set up the shipping charges correctly.

If you want to add more zone or any other places, you can do so by following below steps.



Click on previous shipping system and it will take you to next page



Fill in the required information and make sure you tick the Enable Shipping box and Save Setting.


5- Store search engine optimization SEO

This option enable the sellers to put more details and social information about their business. optimize your information with internet search engines.



6- Store Categories

You need to set up your store categories.  You can add number of store categories from Products option on Seller Dashboard.



You can add, edit and delete your store categories. Click on Add Store Category and it will take you to next page.


Put a name in the box and click Add Category button.


7- Adding Products

From Seller Dashboard, select Products and click on Add new product



Enter the basic information, add your picture, select product category and store category.  In product category you can select multiple categories.

When you entered the details of your products then click on Create Product and it will take you to next page.


On this page you can add more details about your product like prices, condition, inventory information, shipping classes, any custom attribution, discount, visibility, purchase note to customer and reviews. Once you entered the details for your product click save product and your item is live online.

You can view your product by clicking View Product button on top right of the page.  You can revise and change details of your products.



If you need any help you can contact the support team from seller dashboard, Support option.